FAQs and Reviews

Do I need to be good at yoga/surfing?
No, all of our yoga classes are designed to incorporate props and modifications. Anyone can participate in yoga safely at any age. Instructions will be offered for practiced yogis and beginners.  Our surf instructors are highly skilled to teach to any level from newby to old hat.

Do I have to take every class?
Although the price of the package covers all instruction time, no class or activity is a requirement. We invite you to pick and choose how you spend your time.

What should I wear/bring?
Yoga clothes (loose and light work-out wear), sun glasses, bathing suit, flip flops, hiking, tennis, or water shoes for excursions, thirt or sunshirt (rash guard) for surfing, backpack or small bag, bug spray, a light cover-up clothing for sun protection and a poncho during the Green season.

What is the weather like?
Costa Rica has two distinct seasons. High season runs from November to March and is hot and dry. Green season runs from May to September. Expect infrequent downpours during the afternoon from May to August. September and October can deliver torrential rains and some awe inspiring tropical thunderstorms Costa Rica is very close to the equator. Daytime both in high and low season can become  hot and sunburn can occur in a very short time. Always use sunblock or sunscreen to protect yourself. If travelling out of high season remember to check the weather forecast prior to departure. Be prepared by packing some rain gear.

Do you have Internet?
Yes, the Living Hotel has free Internet for all retreat participants. The Living Hotel guest office also provides a computer station.

Is there a store/shopping?
The little village of Guiones has surprisingly metropolitan taste in food and clothing. Whether you want organic snacks and smoothies ; an elegant meal; beachwear and surf equipment; yoga apparel; casual or elegant clothing; local crafts and jewelry; or souvenirs.. we guaranty there is a quaint little local shop to satisfy your taste.

Are the electrical outlets the same as the US/Europe?
The outlets at the Living Hotel are the same as in the US.

Is there a bank nearby?
Yes, a bank and ATM are located in the little town of Guilones which is a 15 minute walk down the beach or a 5 minute ride on an ATV.

What kind of money do I need?
US Dollars can be used for any transaction. It is not necessary to exchange them at the airport. Local vendors know the exchange rate and strive to support visitors with honest transactions. Do not bring Travelers Checks. Most places will not take credit cards or will charge an additional fee to use them. American Express and Discover cards are generally not accepted.

Do I need shots?
No. Costa Rica is cleaner and safer than most parts of South America.

Can I drink the water?
In the majority of areas the water is potable and safe to drink at the Living Hotel and local bars and restaurants. The exception to this rule may be in some of the more remote areas of the country. Here it may be advisable to drink bottled water.

What if I need a doctor?
Nosara has a number of highly trained, professional doctors at its disposal 24 hours a day.


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