Yoga Teachers

Zac Mason, RYT

zac-yoga-picZac’s commitment to openness and inspiration enables him to pass on his teachings directly and indirectly to all who are in his presence. As a teacher, he invites students to connect to their will power and strength with a firm emphasis on core and breath. He innately understands that you are your best guide and is passionately devoted to serving you on your journey.

Zac is a 500hr YTT graduate from the Nosara Yoga Institute. He received his 200hr certification in vinyasa yoga and his 300hr advanced training in Restorative yoga, Self-Awakening yoga, and Inner Quest of the Yoga Guide.
He continually practices Bhakti and Karma yoga; the yoga of love and selfless service.
Zac’s teaching skills include vinyasa yoga, core development and awareness, asana alignment, restorative yoga, restorative for arthritic bodies, pranayama, heart meditation, and Self-Awakening yoga.


Lori Bonazzoli, RYT
Lori Pic Lori’s journey into the practice of Yoga began when she was 17 through self study and with the Spiritual Human Yoga School where she engaged in a deep practice of seated meditation. Through that experience, she ventured out and began her study of asana which led to her initial certification as a Bikram Yoga Instructor. After 18 years of diving deep into body and mind Lori has many asana teachers she pays homage to, blending her experiences into spiritual, compassionate, alignment based hot vinyasa classes sprinkled with little bits of Tibetan Buddhism and a strong emphasis on seated meditation. While Lori’s classes and practices are firmly rooted in the ancient Yogic traditions you will find yourself playfully dabbling in some not so traditional movements, exploring your self created boundaries and learning how to listen to the voice of the body.

Heather Lundy, MA, DTR, E-RYT, BCMT
Heather is one of the partners at Living Hotel and Director of Living Spa and Yoga Services. She is a yogi, therapist, teacher and choreographer obsessed with all2CiqmFhCMMwA6a5V7xqsp8lC6AKGn2ggsm3bFprKVSk forms of movement. She graduated with a Masters Degree in Movement Therapy from Hahnemann University and an undergraduate degree in English Literature and Dance Theater from James Madison University. She studies and teaches yoga, modern dance, massage, Thai Yoga Bodywork, Ashiatsu, movement theory, physical theater, Pilates, and a host of obscure movement practices that delight and distract her on a daily basis. She is a licensed and board certified massage therapist with a spa consulting business through Living Retreats.  You can visit her for a therapeutic treatment at Living Spa.  Heather has over 20 years of experience teaching yoga and movement as medicine. She is dedicated to teaching the world to move and has a magic life, complete with cool dogs.


Nicole Fowler, 500hr RYT
Nicole’s classes will transport you out of your mind and into your body by using the breath to wash through, and ignite every cell of your being. With emphasis on alignment, and a balance of lightness in your heart, her playful sequences will leave you feeling challenged, humbled, dewy, or even down right SWEATY. She realizes that this life long journey of Yoga is not only a physical tool, but a deep inquiry into the self. Seeing things as they really are. Moment to moment.  Nicole greaces Living with both group and private yoga classes.  Check in with the office to book yours.