Massage and Bodywork

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Renewal Relaxation Massage
$85/60 min, $115/90 min
This rejuvenating and nurturing approach aims to support your nervous system by releasing accumulated physical or emotional stress. Rest and replenish with this one-of-the-kind experience combining Swedish strokes, reflexology, energy healing, spinal, cranial and abdominal massage.

Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage
$85/60 min, $115/90 min
Treat yourself to a little relief treatment for sore, overworked muscles and old or chronic injury. Serious restorative results.

Thai Massage
$100/60 min, $140/90 min
Indulge in assisted stretching, acupressure and reflex point therapy artfully blended with gentle rocking and rhythmic palming to soothe and quiet the mind. Thai Massage is delicious solution for a sore neck, lower back pain, and tight shoulders or hips. This massage is performed with your clothes on.

Twilight Rancho Couple´s Massage (scheduled after 5PM)
$210/60 min
Soothing Swedish massage for the entire body…for two. Rest and replenish together.