Surf Lesson

Nosara’s reputation as a leading yoga hotspot is not the only thing that makes the region famous. Playa Guiones is home to some of the most perfect waves in the world. With thousands of miles of open Pacific Ocean on our doorstep and swells breaking every day of the year, our backyard is the ideal place to partake in the “sport of kings”.  Whether you are a seasoned veteran or an intrepid beginner, our surf instructors will take you to the next level of fun.  Add a surf lesson to your stay to complete the Living Hotel experience.

Those who practice both yoga and surfing are aware that few other disciplines complement each other so well. Both require flexibility, balance and strength, attract nature lovers and keep their practitioners feeling (and looking) strong, youthful and vibrant. Let us provide the opportunity for you to embrace a happier, healthier lifestyle through the blissful act of surfing. We are confident that a lesson with one of our highly qualified surf instructors will get you hooked.

Our instructors are patient, fun to be with, approachable, easily understood, energetic, articulate, and infectiously enthusiastic. Your lesson can be scheduled at your convenience. The usually take place early in the morning at a time the instructor has deemed the swell, tide, and wind conditions to be at their optimum. We guarantee that you will have the time of your life.